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iBoard transforms the boardroom into a collaborative experience. Our interactive presentations increase viewer engagement and retention.

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Open files, websites, apps, presentations, and interact with our iBoard touchscreen. Share screens with your audience, allowing them to watch and contribute to your presentations in real-time.

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As a small K-9 school we try to fit the needs of our students by allowing them to have in their classrooms the most advanced learning experiences available. As projectors were not filling all the teachers needs, we also tried flat screen televisions and audio/visual content. When iBoard did a presentation to our school board in the summer of 2011, we decided to run a test pilot program with our K-2 students. The pilot was successful so then we ordered iBoards for all the classrooms. The results are fantastic as students are more engaged in the classes and content is up to date. I will not picture our schools without interactive boards today. Thank you.

Lakeview Christian School

We have iBoards in each of our classrooms since the 2006-2007 school year. We noticed that the use of interactive boards increased the students' attention considerably and at the same time made easier for our teachers to organize their classes. We are also very thankful to iBoard for the intuitive training given to our teachers.

Mirna Puente, Colegio Catolico, AC - Mexico

Since we got our new interactive boards and training from iBoard, our teachers felt more confident about using technology in the classroom and the level of enjoyment of our student base have grown considerably. Thank iBoard for the incredible support!

G. Murrieta, Lemon Grove Elementary School - Lemon Grove, CA

Congratulations on your excellent product. The schools of our district that have introduced iBoards into their classrooms were delighted. I have heard very good reports from them on how easy it is is to plan the classes on the iBoard and integrate it with the Enciclomedia system.

Armando Arziniega, Tecnologia Educativa de Sinaloa - Culiacan, Mexico

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