Negotiations with Termikel in Turkey

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iBoard Canada Manufacturing Inc, a technology company based in Victoria, British Columbia, recently signed an agreement in Ankara, Turkey, with two of Turkey’s most influential companies, completing an important stage of a Joint Venture Agreement. International negotiations started six months ago. The objective of this partnership is to manufacture a Turkish-made interactive board using iBoard’s IP and to participate in the world’s current largest interactive board project, manufacturing 15 million tablets and 580,000 interactive boards which is more than the combined production of all the interactive whiteboard manufacturers in one year! The project’s name, FATiH, in English, stands for “Movement to Increase Opportunities and Technology,” and is sponsored by the Turkish ministry of transportation in an effort to equip each K-12 classroom in Turkey with an interactive board, as well as one tablet per student, both running a government-sponsored content software.

Negotiations began early this year after key executives from iBoard met with seven state ministers in a presentation at the Turkish Technology Council, TUBITAK. The group of executives then met with a handful of Turkish technology companies and negotiated the first Memorandum of Understanding with Termikel and Üner Technologies.

Several trips followed. Both parties travelled back and forth between Victoria and Ankara, visiting each other’s headquarters. At iBoard’s VIATeC office in downtown Victoria, a second generation prototype was presented to the Turkish partner’s representative in August 2012.
In October, a third prototype was built at Termikel’s Ankara plant, and presented at the 2012 Eurasia CeBIT Istanbul Electronics Trade Show in November. Representatives of the Turkish government, as well as members of the general public had a chance to use and play with the equipment.
On December 11, iBoard was part of a trade mission of seven Canadian companies interested in participating in the FATiH project. At the official dinner hosted by Canadian Ambassador, John Holmes, at his house in Ankara, iBoard Chief Development Officer, Antonio Oquendo, presented iBoard’s Turkish partners to the Ambassador.

Three days later, Mr. Ahmet Kaya, Termikel’s CEO, Üner Karabiyik, Üner Technologies’ CEO and Antonio Oquendo, iBoard CDO, signed the protocol for the joint venture in a televised press conference at Termikel headquarters in Ankara.

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