Solutions for Businesses

iBoard provides today’s businesses with the tools necessary for real-time collaboration. To date more than 20% of boards are sold to corporations and that number is continuing to grow.

Whether the collaboration is in the same room or in different locations via video conferencing, iBoard provides a complete solution for businesses.

Benefits of iBoard® Solutions for Business

  • Makes it easy to collaborate with team members.
  • Is able to access an infinite source of information through the Internet. In addition, the installed tools can be easily updated on-the-fly.
  • The speaker can spend more time with the audience and less time watching the screen. Presentations can be prepared in advance or in real-time and be saved for editing or upcoming events.
  • Promotes and encourages creativity. Activities such as brainstorming, finding information or working on assignments can be integrated within the interface.
  • Helps promote different learning styles, including: Visual, auditory and kinesthetic (tactile).
  • The iBoard is easy-to-use, problem-free and instills confidence in the presenter with its reliability.
  • Offers increased comprehension through demonstration and visualization of complex concepts and processes.

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