Solutions for Education

There are 38 million classrooms worldwide. By 2022, 80% are projected to have an interactive board.
Many of our users are in schools and corporate environments.
Our iBoard® interactive whiteboards replace the black, green or whiteboards in classrooms and provide interactive content to teachers and students.
Local governments are signing mandates to switch from printed textbooks to digital content. Students use laptops or tablets to access that digital content. To reach the students, teachers need an iBoard® to display content for the whole class to see.
iBoard® solutions are designed for teachers, students, and schools. A complete solution, an iBoard® is the only board needed in the classroom.

Our team has over 20 years’ worth of expertise in building boards for education and business. We have participated in projects around the world and we are an industry leader in this technology.
Internationally, more than 1,000 schools have installed our products. We have experience in Enciclomedia (165,000 Interactive Board for the Mexican Market), FATIH Project (580,000 Interactive Boards for the Turkish Market) and we are working with some governments to create similar projects.
The ergonomic design, user-friendly capabilities, and low price make iBoard® the right choice for any classroom.

iBoard® promotes innovation and completely changes the way teachers present material, increasing student motivation and engagement.

Increases student participation by improving interest. The environment makes it easy to demonstrate complex ideas and works with a variety of software programs. This makes it easy to stimulate learning, conversation, and debate.

Classes are mode dynamic and audio-visual, facilitating the renewal of methodologies and providing diverse content.

The iBoard® is easy-to-use, problem-free and instills confidence in the presenter with its reliability.

Another benefits of iBoard® Solutions for Education

  • Makes it easier engage students with a colorful presentation which is constantly changing.
  • Raises attention levels during classes.
  • Ends the boredom of a classical education and introduces fun into the learning environment.
  • Encourages involvement with an interactive teaching and learning technology.
  • Creates new ways for groups to work together.
  • Access to the Internet creates real-time communication and problem solving.
  • Allows presenters to save and distribute class notes over the Internet.
  •  Students and teachers can interact with the board through tablets or smartphones.

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