Solutions for Government

Governments around the world are signing mandates to switch from printed textbooks to digital content. With the iBoard, a new, more effective way of learning is available to students.
At iBoard we are involved in many of these projects and are helping some governments to design them.
The iBoard technology is the result of 10 years’ worth of research with students and teachers. This research has demonstrated that student attention and performance increases when using digital and interactive tools within the classroom.

Benefits of iBoard® Solutions for Government

  • Powerful learning tools in line todays’ society.
  • The iBoard is easy-to-use, problem-free and instills confidence in the presenter with its reliability.
  • It offers increased comprehension through demonstration and visualization of complex concepts and processes.
  • An iBoard is the ideal link between different types of users, including: The presenter (professor, speaker), and the audience (student, co-worker, etc.).
  • It opens the door to the world by simultaneously allowing sharing, working and discussing information between staff, teachers, students, and others.
  • Allows for various types of resource sharing, whether on the Internet, TV, Flash drive, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.
  • Increased attention and retention, which encourages students to participate more.
  • Introduces multiple communication channels and ways to participate using our interactive tools.
  • Easily disseminates information. With the iBoard, users can quickly analyze, discuss, and use different ideas to increase knowledge and communication.
  • Classes and presentations are more attractive and can be saved for modification or reuse at a later date.

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