91 Free Interactive Board Activities & Resources

Activities and resources for interactive boards are an excellent way to improve student learning and make the use of technology in classrooms more enjoyable and rewarding. Some teachers spend many hours developing lessons to use on their interactive boards, but there are many sources of free content available on the internet that will certainly help them to improve the experience of using this technology in the classroom.

Below you can see a list of interactive board resources and activities categorized by grades and subjects.

 Source GradeMathEngSocSciGeoETArts
Primary Games1-6   Sci   
Miss Maggie's Adventures2-5  Soc    
Fun Brain2-6MathEng     
Kids Health2-6   Sci   
CrickWeb UK2-6MathEng Sci   
Invention at play2-8   Sci   
History.com2-12U  Soc    
Super Maths World3-8Math      
Fact Monster3-8Math      
Interactive board games3-12MathEng     
Explorer/Mummy/Gladiator Web-Books3-12  Soc    
Engineering Interact4-6   Sci   
Interactive food web4-7   Sci   
National Geographic Forces of Nature4-12   Sci   
Sheppard Software4-12  SocSci   
NASA interactive games4-12   Sci   
NASA Space Place4-12   Sci   
Try Science 4-12   Sci   
howstuffworks.com4-12U  Soc    
Medtropolis 4-12U   Sci   
Glencoe Online Mathematics 6-12Math      
Analize Math6-12Math      
World Myths and Legends in Art6-12  Soc    
The British Museum - Mesopotamia6-12  Soc    
EdHeads.org6-12   Sci   
Technology Integration in Mathematics6-12Math      
Manipula Math6-12UMath      
British Library Online Gallery6-12U  SocSci   
Get Body Smart 7-12U   Sci   
Physics Interactive Simulations7-12UMath  Sci   
Interactive Periodic Table of Elements7-12U   Sci   
Cut the knot interactive activities8-12Math      
Seeing Math8-12Math      
Mathematica activities You will need need: Mathematica78-12Math      
The whole brain atlas9-12U   Sci   
Financial Football9-12UMath      
National Geographic Lewis & Clark expedition        
Literacy CenterK-2       
Dr. Seuss ActivitiesK-4 Eng     
Jan Brett Book Characters interactive gamesK-5 Eng     
StoryLineK-5 Eng     
Scholastic readK-5 Eng     
A Maths Dictionary For KidsK-5Math      
Birmingham grid for learningK-5 Eng     
San Fransico Symphony kids siteK-5      Arts
Count Us InK-5Math      
Game GooK-5 Eng     
Learning games for kidsK-5Math  Sci  Arts
Links LearningK-5Math      
KerPoofK-6 Eng     
e-learning for kidsK-6       
PORTS dept. healt interactive gamesK-6      Arts
City CreatorK-6      Arts
Kids Health K-6      Arts
BBC BitesizeK-7MathEng Sci   
Good sites for kids Interactive gamesK-8MathEngSocSciGeo Arts
Open Library K-8 Eng     
FossWEBK-8   Sci   
IXL MathK-8Math      
e-chalkK-8MathEngSocSciGeo Arts
Literary Element Interactive GameK-8 Eng     
Be ActiveK-9      Arts
Musictheory.netK-12      Arts
TopMarks UKK-12MathEngSocSciGeo Arts
BBC ClipsK-12MathEngSocSciGeo Arts
The Art Zone K-12      Arts
Sports Coaching toolK-12      Arts
Art PadK-12      Arts
ReadWriteThink.orgK-12 EngSoc    
eMusictheory.comK-12      Arts
Science NetLinksK-12   Sci   
ArtsEdge K-12 Eng    Arts
National Library of Virtual ManipulativesK-12       
National Strategies UK LiteracyK-12 Eng   ET 
National Strategies UK Math K-12Math    ET 
BomomoK-12      Arts
TeacherLink.orgK-12 EngSocSci   
Teacherlink MathK-12Math      
Mr. NussbaumK-12MathEngSocSciGeo  
Maths NetK-12Math      
Nationalgeographic.com/K-12-U  SocSci   
National Geographic World MusicK-12-U  Soc   Arts
Visual dictionary onlineK-12UMathEngSocSciGeo Arts

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