Meet the iBoard® 7100

The 7100 is our basic option for projector based interactive boards.

Below you will get to know all its features and specifications.

Key features

• Latest technology permits efficient interconnection between digital video and audio systems, minimizing maintenance.
• Dual-touch features enable recognition of different touch inputs on the screen, while the touch gestures function differentiates touch actions taken on the screen, such as: zoom, erase, rotate, flick, and others.
• Integrated dual-touch system provides personalized solutions such as:
– Use the multi-touch features in many programs without special pens, mouse or keyboard.
– Customize the touch actions and create a personalized interface.
• Open system compatibility allows for easy connection to an external computer
running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, or Linux operating systems.

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iBoard® Interactive Board 7100

Technical Specifications

Screen Size: 100″ diagonal.
Interface: Touchscreen output through USB and left and right audio output.
Hardware Special Feature: Gesture recognition.
 Requires an external computer running either Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, or Linux operating systems.
Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet.
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Touch Resolution: 9600 x 9600.
Software: iBoard IWB Software.

Technical Specifications

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